For some, burial or cremation is a personal choice, for others it is determined by cultural or religious beliefs. To assist with the funeral arrangements, the deceased may have left instructions in their will which specify burial or cremation, or this decision may be left to the Executor or family members to make.

In the Northern Territory, most burials take place in a designated cemetery. However with Ministerial approval, burial may take place elsewhere, other than in a cemetery.

In Australia, cremation is more frequently chosen than burial. Sometimes cremation is chosen as a lower cost alternative to burial, or due to the transient nature of the population, cremation allows families to keep their loved ones with them if they move interstate or overseas. Darwin Funeral Services operates Darwin’s only private crematorium as part of our funeral home facility. Our private crematorium allows us to offer a convenient and personalised service to families.

A permit is required to proceed with either the burial or cremation. As part of the funeral arrangements, our funeral arrangers assist with the application process.